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to, website for Saw Mill Site Farm, home of the horseradish with the bite!

There is a 200 year old site on our property in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts where a saw mill once cut lumber and ground grain. While we can’t claim that our fresh horseradish recipes are that old, they have been pleasing palates for generations!

Our products are always hand-prepared in small batches from high-quality horseradish roots. Unlike large-volume, commercially-prepared horseradish, our roots are processed using a unique method that results in a creamy texture and ensures a full-flavored product that customers agree surpasses the competition. We add no artificial preservatives and rely solely on the horseradish root to impart the product’s “bite.” We do not use jalapeño pepper juice, spice derivatives, or other pepper oils to “heat” our horseradish.

Ours is a small, family-run enterprise that supports the community where we live. To learn more about our products or order them online, click the appropriate link on the left.









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