Saw Mill Site Farm

Horseradish Products

hand-prepared in small batches from US-grown #1 horseradish roots

Our Company Name

There is a 200 year old site on our property in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts where a saw mill once cut lumber and ground grain. While we can’t claim that our recipes are that old, they have been pleasing palates for generations.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the pandemic,

we are out of product and are not

taking any orders at this time. We

apologize for any disappointment

this causes.

Saw Mill Site Farm is located in Deerfield, Massachusetts in the Connecticut RIver Valley. Every jar of Saw Mill Site Farm horseradish is hand-prepared in small batches from high-quality

#1 US-grown horseradish roots. Unlike large-volume, commercially-prepared horseradish products, we don't add any preservatives or "heat-inducing" additives to our condiments. We rely soley on the horseradish root to impart the product’s “bite.”

The horseradish roots we use are grown along the
banks of the Mississippi River in southwestern Illinois.
They are cleaned by hand one day prior to processing,
then washed and given a kosher-salt bath to ensure
purity of flavor.

Ours is a small, family-run enterprise that supports

the community where we live and sources ingredients

as locally as possible.

We schedule production roughly every 3-6 weeks,

based on seasonal demands to insure you get the

freshest product available. Our unique time/

temperature controlled process give you the  purest

tasting horseradish you'll ever have. We maintain a

conservative inventory to further insure quality;

each jar  has a 9 month from production “best by” freshness date per regulations.