hand-prepared in small batches from US-grown #1 horseradish roots

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Our Horseradish Products

Horseradish Products

At Saw Mill Site Farm we take pride in our products. We review evaluation and research advances in order to produce the finest products and use the tastiest, high-quality ingredients. Our horseradish is produced using our unique small-batch, time/temperature controlled process every 3-6 weeks. Doing so ensures that you always get an exceptionally fresh product. And each batch we produce is individually tested to insure a consistent, delicious taste.

Every jar of Saw Mill Site Farm Horseradish is made by us at the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center (WMFPC) in Greenfield following guidelines established at Cornell University under FDA regulations. WMFPC is a State- and Federally-inspected facility that promotes the development of independent food-related businesses. Because WMFPC is a collective, our products are prepared and bottled in a facility where allergen products may be stored or used by other processors.

Frankie's Original

Ingredients:  US-grown #1 Horseradish roots, New England distilled vinegar, traces of kosher salt.

Available in 8 oz jars, 1 lb. jars,  2 lb. jars, and 8 lb. jars.


In 1940, my father, a butcher by trade, opened a market in Rochester, New York where folks would come for their Sunday roasts, as well as daily dinner and luncheon meats. He taught me the worth of a good piece of meat cooked to perfection and garnished with a condiment that complements—not overpowers—its flavor. This horseradish is named in honor of him (and with homage to a local caterer who marketed this style horseradish for more than 25 years until he sold his single-product business to us).

Relying simply on the intense flavor of the horseradish root prepared under exacting conditions, Frankie’s Original-style is a huge hit with those who like their condiment unadulterated, whether served with kielbasa, ham, roast beef, roast turkey, or another cut of meat. It also makes a superb base for cocktail sauce and Bloody Mary’s. Our partners Appalacian Naturals use our horseradish their tasty Sun Dried Tomato Horseradish Dip and Waldo Stone Farms uses it in their yummy Bloody Oyster Cocktail, Bloody Lobster Cocktail, and Bloody Oyster Cocktail Sauce.

Marge’s Mustard Horseradish
Ingredients: US-grown #1 Horseradish roots; New England distilled vinegar; traces of kosher salt; New England made 100% stone ground old world mustard (deep well water, blended whole mustard seeds, distilled vinegar, salt, true spices);, salad mustard (vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, tumeric, spices, natural flavor ); Dijon-style mustard (water, vinegar, mustard seed, white wine, fruit pectin, citric acid, tartaric acid, sugar, spice); and Warm Colors Apiary unfiltered honey from So. Deerfield, MA.
Available in 8 oz jars.


In the mid-1950s, my mother and I began catering church functions, ladies luncheons, and other local events using recipes that highlighted the meats and produce from Grinnan’s Market. A perennial favorite was deviled eggs prepared with mayonnaise and a horseradish mustard sauce. Marge’s Mustard celebrates  memories of that sauce—and of that time. Our Frankie's base is blended with three unique mustards—including Raye's Mustard, produced in Maine at North America’s last remaining traditional stone-ground mustard mill—and our neighbor Warm Color Apiary's delicous honey.

Like Frankie’s Original, this condiment is an especially wonderful garnish for traditional American fare, including cold meats, bratwurst, and other hot and cold sausages. Mixed with mayonnaise it gives egg salad an extra-special spark; add some bread crumbs to a mayo/horseradish mixture and you’ve got a delicious “crust” for fish and lamb.

Fishmonger’s Fusion Cocktail Sauce
Ingredients: Horseradish roots; distilled vinegar; Certified Organic Ketchup (organic
tomatoes, organic vinegar, organic sugar, salt, organic onion powder, organic spices, natural flavoring); Certified Kosher Natural Preserved Cucumbers (cucumbers, garlic salt, dill, red peppers); Kitchen Garden Brand Sriracha (chilies, vinegar, sugar, garlic, salt, xanthan gum); lime puree; capers; and spices.

Available in 8 oz jars.


The flavors that burst forth from this delicious melding of classic seafood sauces from across the world send customers clamoring for more. We took our horseradish and blended it with our neighbor's Kitchen Garden Brand Sriracha, inspired by the chili sauces of Thailand and Vietnam, corncichons from Turkey, capers, and fresh lime puree to create a sauce that is a delicious melding of Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian, and coastal North American flavors.

It’s delicious on raw shucked oysters, pan-fried sole, and boiled shrimp, not to mention mixed into Bloody Mary's.

Eastern European-style Beet Horseradish
Ingredients: US-grown #1 Horseradish roots, New England distilled vinegar, traces of kosher salt, fresh beets, and processed beets (beets, water, corn syrup, modified food starch, salt, and natural flavorings).
Available in 8 oz jars.


Originally brought to the US by Eastern-European immigrants, our recipe is inspired by a year spent in Ukraine. At first we just produced this style at Easter and Passover, but its popularity has made it a part of our year-round product line.

Saw Mill Site Farm Beet Horseradish perfectly balances the sweetness of the beet with the bite of the horseradish. Those who enjoy it on hard-boiled eggs, with roasted and boiled meats, and as a garnish on chef-style salad plates comment on its fresh, vibrant taste. Try adding just a tablespoon to fresh beet greens sautéed in butter. A real winner!

Chef Ralph’s Cranberry Horseradish (seasonal)
Ingredients: Horseradish roots, vinegar, fresh Cape Cod cranberries, honey, and traces of kosher salt.
Available in 8 oz jars.

(Not currently available for purchase; check back in October or November)

For year's, Ralph Streeter was the chef at Bill’s Famous Restaurant in Greenfield, MA, where he developed and served this seasonal cranberry favorite from Fall Foliage to New Year’s Eve. When he moved to become the fish manager at Foster’s Market, former restaurant patrons who saw him there asked him to share his recipe so that they could continue to enjoy this delicious condiment. He obliged by sharing it with us and a holiday favorite was reborn!

A perfect complement to roasted poultry and game, Chef Ralph’s Cranberry Horseradish is fantastic on sandwiches and any other place you’d serve cranberry sauce.

Available from mid-October through late spring as supplies last, this product uses fresh heirloom, dry-harvested Cape Cod cranberries melded with unfiltered honey from Warm Color Apiary to create a flavorful, smooth condiment without the pucker usually associated with this fruit.