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hand-prepared in small batches from US-grown #1 horseradish roots


There are plenty of sites on the web that you can visit to download recipes that use horseradish as an ingredient. Here are two of our favorite:

Tips for Cooking with Horseradish

First and foremost: To keep the taste "hot", keep horseradish cold in a tightly-closed jar.

  • Remove from the jar only the amount of horseradish you reasonably think you will consume. Close the jar tightly and return it to the refrigerator at once.

  • Never let horseradish sit by a warm stove.

  • Never return horseradish that has sat out back to a jar. Warm horseradish rapidly oxidizes and returning it to a jar will degrade the remaining product.

  • Once a fresh bottle of horseradish is opened, it’s at it’s best for 3–5 weeks. If you do not think you can use the horseradish within that time frame, you can preserve the flavor by freezing the unused portion in the tightly closed jar provided the jar is not full. A full jar of horseradish put in the freezer will expand and crack.

  • Do not use or transfer horseradish to a plastic storage container, even if marked “food grade plastic.” The flavoroids in horseradish are extremely volatile and through osmosis can penetrate plastic. In a short period of time your horseradish will lose its “zip” and discolor much faster than in a tightly-covered jar.

  • As a general rule, add a high-quality horseradish product like ours to sauces just before serving or garnishing.

  • We do not recommend using our horseradish in recipes where cooking is an extended process. Our horseradish is a premium product that costs more than an ordinary, mass produced product. Some homemade BBQ sauce recipes call for a substantial quantity of horseradish, as well as a long cooking time. In such recipes, save money and use the cheapest horseradish you can buy. Long cooking times degrade the taste of horseradish. Many chef’s modify such recipes by adding quality horseradish to the sauce at the point of service.